New Generation Publishing releases “Fire Demons of the Desert” by Johnathon Churchill

This is Book III of the Johnathon Churchill Chronicles

About the book:

A Fire Demon is a semi-mythical entity that can occur on any land mass, but usually in the desert. It starts as a small whirlwind. A zephyr even. It gathers momentum and then collects fire from anywhere. From a small campfire to depressions in the desert which exposes the earth’s magma. These whirlwinds get so hot, even the sand glows red. Everything it touches it destroys. Nomads have attributed forms to these whirlwinds.

In fighting terrorism, it is sometimes impossible to send in regular forces. We are a band of amateurs, going where the professionals cannot. We are trained to appear from nowhere. Destroy our target and vanish without leaving a trace. We are the Fire Demons of the desert. We terrorise the terrorists.

About the author:

Johnathon Churchill has published three books to date including “A Love Story from The South China Seas: Book 1 of the Johnathon Churchill Chronicles” and “Dark Continent: Fighting Through Africa (with a Bitch in Tow)”.

Excerpt from “Fire Demons of the Desert”:

“There’s always one. These are what I call my ‘Kevlar’ arrows. At full velocity, they will part and penetrate the fibre chain of a Kevlar bullet-proof jacket. They will also penetrate a laminated wind shield.

There are 6 arrows with white bands. These are Thunderflashes. They will disorientate without killing.

Lastly, and most importantly, I need to remind you, Johnathon, of one of the main objectives of this mission.

It is to terrorise the terrorists. To make them more frightened of us than we are of them. Johnathon, please examine, but don’t touch, the 6 arrows with the yellow bands. I am proud of the technology, but not of the morality. I had to keep reminding myself what they do to us. Beheading innocents. Mass murder and murdering little children.

“What can one arrow do to combat that warped mentality. The mentality that welcomes death”?

Oskar stared at me with sightless eyes.

“Simple…. don’t kill them but make them pray for death and to not be accursed”.

I have to admit to being puzzled at the thought of how this could be achieved by one arrow. Oskar continued.

“The cleverest thing is that this is not a secret weapon. You spread the word at what it does and that you are coming for them. But they don’t know who, when, nor where. They will live on their nerves.

Oskar, how can you achieve this with one arrow”?”

“Fire Demons of the Desert” by Johnathon Churchill is currently available in hardback (ISBN #978-1803694924) and in paperback (ISBN #‎978-1803694917)

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