The digital marketing and advertising services company has an unusual backstory thanks to self-starting founder, Steve Arias.

Amics Digital Solutions, a digital advertising agency working with SMEs, music labels, and other creative enterprises, has today announced that it is expanding its offering to include music distribution services, under Amics Music Distribution. Founder and Head of Sales and Customer Success, Steve Arias has used his self-starter approach to deliver a robust digital marketing strategy that supports artists from a grassroots level.

Since launching its digital marketing solutions for small businesses and music labels in 2020, the company has generated an average growth of 80 percent per client and seen its business increase by 500 percent during that time.

“Your Best Teacher is Your Last Mistake”

Although he is now a successful and respected digital marketing entrepreneur in the music industry, Arias attributes his success to his life of hardship. He was born in Manhattan to migrant parents, who demonstrated that hard work and risk are what it takes to make a better future. Raised in the 80s in the Bronx, the home of hip hop, Arias was surrounded by art and music on the streets. Surrounded by artist-producer record label owners, he was inspired to enter the world of music, fashion, and design.

After joining a school for audio engineers, he dropped out of school to earn money for essential equipment — but working led to hustling, leading to the streets. As a result, Arias spent a short time in incarceration, from which he grew and reformed.

“It was a reality check,” Arias said. “Growing up, I’d watched everyone around me gain success their own way and I wanted a piece of that too — it didn’t go as I’d planned. But your best teacher is your last mistake, and I vowed never to make the same mistake again.

“Once I was released, I started from scratch interning in fashion, showrooms, and other creative companies, which led to an opportunity to work with a record label company where I helped one artist gain 75 million YouTube views, which lead the artist to gain an RIAA Gold plaque — and the genius thing we did was not give up. I learned so much and took all of my life’s experiences and my time learning from the best, then poured it all into Amics Consulting, a creative music agency that I am very proud of.

“I believe I failed my way into success and in believing that, I can help others grow.”

About Amics Digital Solutions

Amics Digital Solutions is a creative digital advertising agency providing superior music distribution services for SMEs, music artists, and music labels. The company offers digital advertising and data analysis, e-commerce, lead generation, market research, competitor analysis, and marketing strategy development. Visit