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The tale “Bull Vaulter: Alena of the Isle of Green” is presented by author Barbara Tieken in such a delightful way as young Alena simultaneously finds herself a part of other realms. The author takes her readers into a natural setting where traditional therapeutic practices were highly valued. The descriptions in the book eloquently depict the ancient Minoan culture and Peloponnesian people’s way of life.

“Bull Vaulter: Alena of the Isle of Green,” which is set in 2100 B.C.E., is one of those rare works of fiction literature that features compelling insights based on thorough research while still giving readers a rich and engaging tale. The story’s protagonist, Alena, is a well-known and accomplished bull vaulter from the island of Keft, which is located across the Aegean Sea. Every bull vaulter was required to serve the Goddess and take part in the bullfighting ceremony for three years before being given the opportunity to select a life companion, as was the island custom.

Dorion, the most well-known bull dancer on the island, was Alena’s love interest. On the day of the Harvest Festival, when many had gathered to watch the Isle of Green’s bull dancers perform, their plans are abruptly altered when the brutal warrior horsemen living on the plains organize an attack on them. Dorion and Alena, who are taken as hostages separately, are among those hurt.

Her attack leaves her pregnant and hurt. Alena, though, is tough beyond her years. She is a bull vaulter, professionally educated to do acrobatic feats on the back of a charging bull, the representation of power and rebirth in her matriarchal civilization. Alena’s life was already beginning to alter.

This is an excellently written, captivating novel that will have you turning the pages. Readers almost always feel as though they are a part of the story. Alena is likable and understandable in large part due to her benevolence and desire to do well. The reader will love reading about Jahal’s transformation from a pompous and self-centered man to a tender and kind person.

People who are interested in the spirituality of matriarchal communities, those who are spontaneous themselves, or those who value spontaneity in fictional characters, will likely find this book to be an excellent piece.

About the Author

Barbara Tieken, the author of “Bull Vaulter: Alena of the Isle of Green,” has since moved back to Texas, where for many years she wrote a weekly column for The Shiner Gazette’s Historic Old Town Shiner section. Barbara is an avid environmentalist, published poet and essayist, teacher, former mayor, and city councilwoman of New Braunfels, Texas, and has been referred to as “a friend of all who flies, be it bird or spirit.”. She wrote this historical fictional novel while she and her late husband lived in Newport, Oregon, high on a hill overlooking the lovely Pacific.