Sioux City Strangler, a part of Past Due’s growing roster of musical artists, has released their debut single “Nobody Knows My Name,” along with an accompanying video.

The single is paired with a modern reworking of “Sixteen Tons” made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford and Johnny Cash. The country song is reimagined from a country classic to a rock-and-roll, synth-forward track.

Paired with a narrative podcast (Sioux City Strangler: The Podcast), whose final episode will be released on October 25, 2022. Sioux City Strangler spans multiple media platforms: social media, video, music, and podcasting. By combining the podcast’s episodic narrative with the abstraction of rock lyrics, Sioux City Strangler tells a story about violence and entertainment in 2022 USA.

What does Sioux City Strangler Sound Like?

When asked, frontman Christopher Chase Godwin replied, “Like a Tom Waits cover of a Bruce Springsteen song, I feel its most present in ‘Nobody Knows My Name,’ a first-person account of the inner workings of a killer.”

You can hear traces of The Stooges in Jeff Lynn’s (ex Wires on Fire) guitar work on both tracks. Marc Ribot, a frequent Tom Waits collaborator, is an influence, according to Lynn.

Michael Wegener appears on percussion, either completely programmed or played live on top of a 1970s Lowery transistor organ rhythm.

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