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The idea that the universe and its cosmic forces predetermines what kind of person we are has been around for ages. If you are someone that believes in astrology, then you certainly get it. However, contrary to astrology’s cyclical concept, author Denise Freeborn offers us something more specific— what our birthdays mean.

“Forget Me Not” is an entertaining book by Denise Freeborn, where she makes use of numerology and tells us the meaning behind the day we were born. Apparently, Denise keeps a journal of births, anniversaries of her friends, relatives, and associates as her way of showing how much she treasures them. Her little hobby is eventually where she draws inspiration in creating “Forget Me Not”— a timeless book good for sparking great conversations or simply a source of amusement.

All in all, Freeborn lists 366 days’ worth of entries, one for each birthdate. If you happen to be born on a leap year, that’s no problem at all! There is an entry for literally everyone. Readers may take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Either ways, the main purpose of it all is to let you have fun and feed your curiosity. Aside from birthdates, Denise Freeborn also lists down Birthstones and flowers corresponding to each birth month. Along with it comes their respective meanings. Sapphire for love, Diamond for innocence, Opal for hope, and Ruby for a contented mind.

Without doubt, “Forget Me Not” is an amusing and wholesome book anyone can enjoy. Want to know more about yourself?

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“Forget Me Not”

Author: Denise Freeborn

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Publication Date: June 2022

Genre: Birthday Horoscope

About the Author

Denise Freeborn was raised in a French bilingual area of Ottawa-Hull in Canada and spent most of her summer holidays at the farm or at the lake by the rolling hills of Quebec.

Denise married young and moved to the prairies where she had four children. Now, she is retired and presently living in the Rockies. She enjoys painting acrylics and watercolor and enjoys the magic of using a camera. She was fortunate to take many wedding pictures throughout the years that followed. She kept a journal of births, anniversaries of her friends, relatives, and associates. Her little book kept all the names and dates of whom she treasured along the way. “Forget-Me-Not,” in French ‘N’oublie Jamais’. She hopes readers love the book as much as she does. It makes a wonderful gift as well.