The WICxLEAD program was created as a turnkey solution for women leaders to define their leadership purpose and create impactful ESG strategies, operating models and reporting mechanisms that support women tech entrepreneurs in the supplier ecosystem. Over a year-long period, WICxLEAD scholars will learn how to lead and influence digital transformation projects through cloud and AI technology, teaching them how to grow their executive presence, personal brand identity, public speaking impact, global access creation and community development strategies giving them a powerful platform to accelerate as industry ESG influencers and purpose-driven leaders.

The emphasis on ESG is increasingly growing as companies recognize that ESG metrics are linked to performance, with ESG assets expected to exceed $50 trillion globally by 2025. And as more companies embrace ESG, they become increasingly concerned that their suppliers take sustainability issues seriously and that the technologies and services they procure can directly support their own ESG goals.

“Women in Cloud was created to fill a need to increase economic access for women in technology, and along our journey to do this we have discovered that Corporate ESG Integration is the best pathway to increase strategic growth opportunities for women in tech in the enterprise ecosystem”, said Chaitra Vedulapalli, President and Co-Founder of Women in Cloud, and one of the facilitators of WICxLEAD during the kick-off session of the program. “WICxLEAD is designed as an industry solution to help CEO’s, corporate board members and corporate executives drive business outcomes via ESGT acceleration and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by providing leadership opportunities for women to grow both professionally and personally.”

The inaugural cohort of WICxLEAD includes 10 corporate women and founders from industry-leading tech companies including Boeing, Accenture, Avanade, Microsoft, Insight, Liingo and more. Throughout the program, scholars will learn from women tech executives who are leading corporate transformations through ESG strategies, providing a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and access to a global network to accelerate their influence and impact in the enterprise ecosystem. On October 13, 2022, at #WICxUNGA, the 2nd annual Signature Summit will showcase the ESG Scholars and bring together business, tech and community leaders for enriching and inspiring discussions about the future of ESG+T and UN 2030 Goals.

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About Women in Cloud

Women in Cloud is a community-led economic development organization taking collective action to generate $1B in new net economic access for women entrepreneurs and professionals by 2030 through global partnerships with corporations, community leaders, and policy makers. All of which are united by the ESG and UN Sustainable Development Goals that are driven by job creation, diversity and inclusion, technology innovation and sustainability, giving women and allies a powerful platform to accelerate as industry leaders.