ERIE, Pa.Oct. 4, 2022PRLog — The L-Tron team will be attending the Pennsylvania Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Society (PCARS) Seminar in Erie from October 24-26, 2022. The PCARS Seminar will be held at the Bayfront Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. The seminar will feature two live staged crashes, as well as presentations, exhibits, and networking opportunities for reconstructionists.

Andrew McNeill and Julianne Pangal from L-Tron will be on-hand to demo the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader for Crash Reporting and eCitation, as well as OSCR360 for Crash Reconstruction.

The L-Tron team has attended the PSP Seminar twice in the past several years. Though the former PSP Seminar was cancelled this year due to budgetary concerns, PCARS decided to offer the seminar in its place. As in previous years, attendees must be active law enforcement reconstructionists who have completed an 80-hour collision reconstruction course from an accredited institution prior to the seminar. At this year’s event, crash investigators will have the opportunity to explore new ideas and see new technology in the field of crash reconstruction.

Each and every roadside stop exposes officers to potential life-threatening harm. The 4910LR expedites traffic stops and collision reports to quickly and safely get officers off the roadside. With the 4910, reports and citations are completed accurately and efficiently, in a fraction of the time it takes to complete manual reports and citations.

L-Tron’s patented OSCR360 system ( accelerates and improves the collision investigation process. The technology captures 360-degree overall photographs at the scene, including hard-to-capture vehicle interiors and aerial views. Then, OSCR preserves, and later presents, each piece of digital evidence to create a comprehensive virtual walkthrough of the crash scene.

As an ACTAR-accredited Senior Crime Scene Analyst with 20 years of law enforcement experience, Andrew McNeill will be on-hand in the L-Tron booth to share his wealth of investigative photography expertise, demo OSCR360 and the 4910LR, and answer any questions.

To learn more and to register for the 2022 PCARS Seminar, please visit

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