Burning Soul Collective offers three levels of Collective Coaching for writers to choose from:

– Level 1 is for authors who have written most of their manuscript, but need the extra guidance from a seasoned book coach to ensure it is a strong book that captures readers from the first word. They will receive four coaching sessions in addition to editing.

– Level 2 is for authors who have begun writing their manuscript, but are looking for direction and accountability to fully flesh out their stories and develop a solid storyline between them. They will receive eight coaching sessions in addition to editing and access to Burning Soul Collective’s Soulful Author Journey course.

– Level 3 is for authors who may or may not have begun writing but are ready to dive in deep and are looking for the passion and support of a powerful book coach to help them hone in on their true message and make a meaningful impact on their readers. They will receive twelve coaching sessions in addition to editing and access to the Soulful Author Journey course. Level 3 authors will also receive a compelling synopsis, book blurb and book pitch written for them by industry professionals.

“I believe every person has a story to share. The thing is, writing a book can be hard. It can feel impossible at times, but even the most seasoned authors have a team. That’s exactly what we want to provide to every writer who wants support and guidance,” said Lauren Eckhardt, Founder & CEO of Burning Soul Collective. “Collective Coaching was created in hopes of making the process feel not only possible but powerful. Writing does not have to be a solitary pursuit; our team will be there every brave step of the way”

Burning Soul Collective fiercely believes that there’s an inspiring story within every one of us and the writing process does not have to be tackled alone. Collective Coaching is one of the ways that Burning Soul Collective empowers first-time and career writers alike to share their stories.

Learn more about Collective Coaching on the Burning Soul Collective website: https://www.burningsoulcollective.com/collective-coaching

About Burning Soul Collective

Burning Soul Collective is dedicated to helping first-time writers become published authors. We provide book coaching, ghostwriting and offer coaching and membership programs to provide writers with a powerful community. We are fueled by passionate creatives & authors using their stories, words and talent to change the world. Burning Soul Collective helps new writers and career authors alike write, publish and market their book using our unique Soulful Author Framework, a deeply introspective and creative journey through reflection, planning, creation and impact to bring books to life. Learn more at www.burningsoulccollective.com.