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Eddie Naylor, Sr.’s “Take Satan to Court Now!”” will be displayed at the NYLA 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show.

Followers of the Lord will be more inspired to take up their crosses and stand against the wickedness of Satan after reading “Take Satan to Court Now!” by Eddie Naylor, Sr. The religious book will be displayed at the NYLA 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show, which will happen on November 3-4, 2022, at Saratoga Springs City Center, 522 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

In this era of instant gratification, the temptation exists everywhere. It is often manifested in the material things that give humans earthly satisfaction. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, or false prophets, various sources could give anyone all sorts of negativities that can detach a man from his Creator. Today’s world is also bombarded with news of destruction, lies, and diseases that can tire the human soul. As it is almost impossible to avoid these, what can a man do to stay spiritually sober and full? Eddie Naylor, Sr.’s book encourages his readers to renounce their evil ways and acknowledge God’s presence in their lives.

Recently published, “Take Satan to Court Now!” by Eddie Naylor, Sr., seeks to enlighten its readers to get closer to God and unveil Satan’s true face. The book is filled with Bible verses that elaborate on what makes Satan the ultimate nemesis of a person’s life. It describes how Satan destroys anything and anyone that glorifies him. Naylor, Sr., describes Satan as the one who kills and abolishes all the beauty that God has created. As supported by the holy text, Satan is the source of greed, lust, hatred, pride, and racism. He steals the goodness in the hearts of men by tempting them to commit sins.

“Jesus said the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10 (King James Bible)

“Take Satan to Court Now!” is an eye-opener. The book provides a clear and powerful guide that its readers may use to nurture their spiritual acumen. It is a tool that will tell anyone, regardless of faith, that with God, nothing is impossible and that all good things come from Him. Its contents reinforce the promise that God’s power is greater than Satan’s. Readers of the book will find it a soul-stirring book as it will prepare them to see the Word of God in action.

ReadersMagnet will display Eddie Naylor, Sr.’s “Take Satan to Court Now!” at its exhibit booth for the NYLA 2022 Annual Conference and Trade Show. Copies of the book are available on Amazon.

Learn more about Eddie Naylor, Sr., by visiting his website: www.pastoreddienaylorsr1.com


Eddie Naylor, Sr. has been married for over fifty years to his wife Lottie and is the father of three sons and one daughter. Drafted into the United States Armed Forces in 1966, Naylor served in Vietnam. After twenty-two years of service in the Army, he retired in 1987.

Naylor is the inventor and patent holder of the educational tool “Personality Plus+” which has been expanded to a Windows compatible computer version and has completed the prototype for a board game. Currently, he is working on two manuscripts, “Think and Grow in Spirit” and “Behind the Mind,” both of which are the titles of workshops and seminars that he conducts across the nation. These workshops and workbooks use in these seminars are the product of over twenty-nine years of thought, design and experience.

“Take Satan to Court Now!”

Author | Eddie Naylor, Sr.

Genre | Religion

Publisher | ReadersMagnet LLC

Published date | July 22, 2022