JLG Lawyers announced today the acquisition of The Law Offices of Traci M. Hinden. The acquisition of Traci M. Hinden’s office will bring another fierce, proven, and award-winning attorney to the JLG Lawyers team. Traci’s sixteen years of practicing labor law in California makes her a perfect fit.

JLG Lawyers believes acquiring Traci M. Hinden and her employees will allow JLG to take on more clients. Then subsequently, more trials. JLG Lawyers is also thrilled to be adding such a high-caliber attorney and have confidence in her skills and devotion to her clients. The attributes that Traci brings to the table align well with JLG’s core values. JLG only takes on a small percentage of the cases that come their way, meaning they want lawyers who aren’t afraid to go all-in and give their best to every client they represent. Traci is the type of lawyer who takes “a lawyer is supposed to be your mouthpiece” one-hundred percent to heart. No matter how big or small the case, she treats them all with the same tenacity and ferocity.

“I ran my practice for almost sixteen years. I loved being small and fighting for the underdogs, often women, disabled, LGBTQIA and other marginalized employees through no fault of their own,” Traci M. Hinden explained. “I missed the camaraderie of working with teams and the collaborative effort. I wanted to get back to chasing my dream of doing a lot of trials.”

“It’s rare to find a person who is highly aligned with JLGs vision, mission, and core values, and also a terrific human being,” Michael Jaurigue, Founder of JLG Lawyers said. “We are extremely excited for her to join the JLG team and we believe she will make an immediate and positive impact.”

Traci wants to continue mentoring younger lawyers, which she has done since she started practicing law. At JLG Lawyers, there’s a unique structure and the chance to work with multiple associates. She also offers a unique perspective and is more of a “people’s lawyer” as she teaches younger lawyers how to explain the complex theories of law in a simple and understandable manner.

“Someone of Traci’s character benefits JLG Lawyers. Someone willing to close their doors after nearly sixteen years to merge with JLG shows a lot of trust,” Alex Tieu, Co-Founder of JLG Lawyers, said. “Traci is an amazing attorney, and it speaks volumes for the JLG brand.”

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JLG Lawyers provides employment and labor law representation to clients in the state of California. Whether you were wrongfully terminated as the result of a discriminatory practice, based on factors such as race, gender or disability, or if you were the victim of workplace sexual harassment, our civil rights lawyers have the experience, knowledge and dedication you need to fight for your rights.

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