68-year-old pastor and former professional wrestler and vigilante Chris Whaley “The Masked Saint” is getting back in the professional wrestling ring. “It’s going to be a tag team match with my old partner, dentist, and professional wrestler Dr. Jim McDowell” says Whaley. “It’ll be a first where two professional wrestlers who also have doctorate degrees are on the same team.”

Dr. Chris Whaley wrestled professionally from 1978-88. Wrestling such greats as The Undertaker, The Ultimate Warrior, and The Freebirds. He retired at the height of his career to fulfill God’s calling on his life to be a pastor.

In his first church he handles some people more as a professional wrestler than as a pastor. Those experiences led him to write his first book, The Masked Saint, which was made into an award-winning movie by the same title.

His other two books (Harold’s Heavenly Christmas and Mr. President?) are being considered by movie producers at the present time.

Whaley overcame tremendous obstacles as a child. He was constantly in and out of the hospital. In the fourth grade he overcame a three month stay in the hospital with polio.

What would make him get back into the ring after 34 years? “Just the opportunity to do it again!” he said. “And, hopefully, to be an encouragement to anyone who has not fulfilled an old dream.”

All the details have not been worked out yet concerning the upcoming match. The updates will be released on his website when they become available. (See www.themaskedsaint.com)

Whaley has been married to his best friend for over 47 years. He has two married daughters and six grandchildren. Today, Whaley speaks in churches, corporate events, religious groups, and wrestling events all over the country.

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