For decades, REALTORS® have focused on representing buyers and sellers in commercial and residential real estate deals with little to no focus on multifamily investing. As a result, there are very few resources for multifamily real estate even though it’s one of the most profitable streams of property income within the industry. If this is the case, then why aren’t there more multifamily dedicated resources? Well, it can be difficult and risky for REALTORS® to put all their eggs in one basket, especially if they don’t have an extensive background in real estate investing. Consequently, many agents don’t provide multifamily services or sideline multifamily info to just a small section of their sites. Kamil Lalji, an Associate Broker of CIR Realty, found that it was often tedious to browse through 20-30 different real estate sites when working on personal and client multifamily projects. Through his extensive 17 years of real estate investment experience, Kamil was able to recognize and bridge the current gap in dedicated multifamily resources.

Due to the big demand and little supply, Kamil founded Calgary Multifamily. Calgary Multifamily is a real estate brand that is exclusively dedicated to multifamily investments. It’s the first of its kind and is a dedicated portal for those seeking multifamily investment opportunities. In addition to exclusive listings, it aggregates listings that are publicly listed. Overall, the creation of Calgary Multifamily intends to solve the market gap in multifamily portals, and make multifamily investment info and listings more accessible and centralized for everyone.

With the private nature of the multifamily real estate landscape, Kamil hopes to create an environment where investors can and will find all the multifamily listings in their intended region. Accomplishing this feat, will be co-created by teaming with prominent industry leaders as Calgary Multifamily offers an unparalleled selection for individuals to view, sell, buy, chat, and learn about multifamily real estate.

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