The alliance will be working to optimize the current cybersecurity situation in the Middle East regions. IT risks and threats are not new, and yet the organizations have to undergo potential losses with no stable security system in the background.

Simspace and Citrus Consulting will be working together to strengthen cybersecurity confidence with a featured risk management platform. Simspace – a world-leading innovative technology company has everything an organization needs to ensure the security, processes, and technology run at peak performance.

Through this partnership, the secure, scalable and customizable IT assessments can be delivered in low or no-risk environments. With the automated simulation of attack scenarios and other realistic cyber events, it can seamlessly boost individual as well as team performance.

Citrus Consulting will strive to maintain improved decisions and regulatory compliance by quantifying actions and mapping evidence. Simspace has been ensuring cloud readiness for a significant amount of time. Partnering with them will help in advancing their cloud infrastructures with the trending and cybersecurity practices.

“Our entire team is looking forward to this partnership with Simspace. Much of the Middle East and African regions are facing a rise in critical IT infrastructure, finances, and cybersecurity threats. We are feeling proud to collaborate with Simspace to train for quick response and validations against cyber attacks”, says Dan Sithamabram, Director for Technology Innovation and Customer Success across MENA at Citrus Consulting.

Simspace and Citrus Consulting will work together to bring the cybersecurity revolutions in the Middle East and nearby regions. The enhanced security capabilities and optimized controls of IT infrastructure will cater to better technology requirements for the future.

About Simspace

SimSpace provides the most robust and realistic cyber security processes for a diverse range of organizations. It offers high-end simulations in low-risk environments to deliver significant solutions to persistent threats and sophisticated automated attacks. The organization can hone up its response tactics with real-time exercises and training assistance.

The company assesses a plethora of security controls, processes, and personnel to highlight the cyber risks, security gaps, and other adverse concerns. The key objective of Simspace is to prioritize investments resulting in safeguarding critical business assets.

About Citrus Consulting

Citrus Consulting is one of the leading multinational technology consulting firms in Dubai. The top cloud computing company serves the Middle East and Africa regions with headquarters in the UAE. The IT consulting firm provides a wide scale of IT infrastructure, managed IT, and other solutions. From being an official AWS Service Delivery Partner to joining hands with other leading IT technology & infrastructure firms, Citrus Consulting aims to offer uncompromised service to end users.

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