Resides in Denver, Colorado electronic artist The Psybrid brings out energy and talent in every track which is perfect to truly make the audience hypnotized.

Denver, Colorado Aug 4, 2022 (  – Performing in the genre of electronic music countless artists have gained popularity and success and in this list, the new addition is the resident of Colorado, electric artist The Psybrid. As an independent artist, The Psybrid has mastered the art of composing and creating music on his own. Around 11 years ago the artist started his journey on Soundcloud and over the years he has released several tracks that perfectly capture his growth as an artistic soul and development as a musician. Besides making the tracks and publishing on his own, the artist has also gained the capability in expressing his feeling through beats and sounds along with connecting with the audience.

Another most interesting aspect of his talents is that he can capture the attention of his audience and listeners with his energetic tracks. Among the various tracks, this Colorado Electronic Artist has released over the years two of the most noticeable tracks are ‘SOL‘ and ‘Cyrix COMA’ which capture the true essence of dark electronic music and keeps the audience pumped throughout. Surprisingly his journey started on the underground scene in Denver, Colorado where he played dark electronic music. The bass-boosted and energizing tracks of The Psybrid and his discography will make the audience come to the dance floor and feel galvanized.

His other electrifying tracks are ‘Necromanteion’, ‘Talon’, ‘Devil’s Breath’, ‘Washing Machine’, ‘Siva the Destroyer’, etc. The Psybrid has also opened for Skinny Puppy and that video is uploaded on his YouTube channel which captures the grooving audience and ambiance that feels titillated. You can listen to his discography on Soundcloud. The theme that is mainly followed in the tracks of this emerging artist is dark electronic, electronic, and alternative genres. The artist also has his website where he makes the official announcements which are also used for booking purposes. You can also get the artist’s recent updates on his life and music on other social media platforms such as  Facebook, and Vimeo.

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