Dr. Elizabeth McKinstry, Veterinarian located at 550 Schoolhouse Rd, Kennett Square, PA, was a major contributor to F. Barish-Stern’s book about Canine Cognitive Decline, “Shamrock’s Story, From Hurricane Katrina to Doggy Dementia & Alzheimer’s” published by Golden Quill Press and is very aware of the need for pet parents to learn more about cognitive issues in their dogs.

Cognitive issues in dogs is why Barish-Stern set out to write this book after experiencing this disease with her dog, Shamrock. She had had 9 dogs and never knew dogs got dementia. “Shamrock’s Story,” is the culmination of what she learned in over 50 interviews with experts, like Dr. McKinstry in order to help pet parents understand more about cognitive issues in their dogs, such as Early Preventions, Recognition of Signs and Treatments.

Dr. McKinstry is proud to participate in this informative book and is committed to helping cats, dogs, and horses live better, happier and healthier lives. Her office practices integrative medicine, employing the best of both Western and Eastern veterinary medicine. While they primarily practice Western medicine, they also use Chinese medicine to enhance treatment if the doctor and owner agree it is the right course of treatment.

To learn more about doggy dementia & Alzheimer’s, Early Preventions, Recognition of Signs, Treatments, visit Dr. McKinstry on the web, or checkout “Shamrock’s Story” and dogdementia at Golden Quill Press.

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