FRISCO, TexasJuly 27, 2022PRLog — FRISCO, Texas – Fit 2-20 has added Erchonia’s Emerald laser to the clinically proven, evidence-based services offered at its personal training facility at 9555 Lebanon Road, Suite 503, in Frisco. The laser offers a non-invasive, full body fat loss treatment and is the only device with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to treat clients with a body mass index (BMI) up to 40.

“Emerald laser treatments empty the fat cells but don’t destroy them; while killing fat cells may sound like a permanent solution to fat accumulation, it can be dangerous,” said Forrest Michaels, founder and owner of Fit 2-20, which opened in 2019. “We are excited to now offer this safe and effective method of overall body circumference reduction. The Emerald laser fits in well with our focus on clinically proven, evidence-based exercise systems.”

The Emerald laser requires a reservation and can be booked by Fit 2-20 members as well as the general public. For information on pricing and availability, call (940) 353-6081 or visit

Laser fat removal is a groundbreaking, non-invasive technique for removing unwanted fat deposits around your thighs, arms, hips — nearly any part of the body where you have difficulty reducing fat. Erchonia’s Emerald laser typically takes less than 30 minutes per session.

The Emerald laser typically takes less than 30 minutes per session. The system’s 10 lasers (532 nanometers each) are applied externally to targeted areas of the body. It is named “emerald” due to the green hue of the laser beams. When the lasers target a group of fat cells, they penetrate down to the fat cell wall, boring tiny pores into its surface. At the same time, they melt the fats inside of the cell. This permits the fats to pass through the pores, where the body’s lymphatic system naturally disposes of them. The process occurs gradually over the course of about four weeks per treatment. Because there is no pain with the Emerald system and it has no side effects or downtime, patients can continue with their everyday routines immediately after treatment.

Erchonia Corporation was founded in 1996 as a small family business and since then the Florida-based company has grown into an international enterprise. Erchonia has remained committed to furthering the advancement of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) through scientific and clinical studies and development of 18 FDA market clearances. Find more information about the company at and about the Emerald laser at

About Fit 2-20

Fit 2-20 in Frisco, Texas, specializes in one-on-one personal training for everyday people who lead busy professional and family lives. Founded by Forrest Michals, a leader in the fitness industry for more than 50 years, Fit 2-20 uses clinically proven, evidence-based exercise systems that can help clients with as little as two 20-minute workouts per week.

The Fit 2-20 facility is equipped with the most scientifically advanced bio-hacking exercise systems in the world and is the only one of its kind in the Frisco and nearby D-FW area. Michals and his team of personal trainers create personalized fitness regimens by starting with a Styku 3D body-scanning analysis. This is used to tailor your workout on prototypical exercise machines including ARX Fit, Vasper and CAR.O.L. that are dialed in to your exact body-type specifications.

ARX Fit machines use computer-controlled, motorized resistance in place of weights or other more traditional forms of resistance. The Vasper is a compression-based machine that resembles a bike/elliptical combo to deliver the most significant benefits of high-intensity exercise in an efficient and low-impact 21-minute workout. CAR.O.L is an artificial intelligence-powered stationary bike that uses algorithmic learning to personalize your performance.

Fit 2-20 is in the Hackberry Crossing Office Park, at 9555 Lebanon Road, Ste. 503, Frisco, TX 75034. The fitness center is open by appointment from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

About Forrest Michals

Fit 2-20 was founded by Forrest Michals, a fitness industry veteran with more than 50 years of experience. He was one of the first to bring Nautilus and high-intensity (HIT) style training to the public. He also pioneered in isokinetic exercise and invented an early prototype of today’s accommodating resistance machines.

In 1966, a mutual friend (Peary Rader – the founder and publisher of Iron Man Magazine) helped Michals secure a position working for Rheo H. Blair, the nutritionist who first introduced protein supplements. While working for Blair, Michals had the opportunity to train with, and be trained by, many of the legends in the industry, including Vince Gironda (the “Iron Guru” who trained Arnold Schwarzenegger), Don Howorth (Mr. Universe) and Larry Scott (the first Mr. Olympia). In 1971, Michals opened his first gym, which was one of the first Nautilus Clubs and he continued to work closely with Arthur Jones, the inventor of Nautilus, for the next seven years.

In 1975, Michals invented an early prototype of the accommodating resistance machines which are considered state of the art today. This machine was used by the U.S. Olympic weightlifting team, the San Francisco 49ers professional football team and a Mr. Olympia finalist, among others.

Through the years, many college and professional athletes as well as professional trainers have trained in a Michals-led facility. He also led a powerlifting team that set six world records and is a certified nutrition coach.