Here are four of the biggest reasons to use storage containers on your construction site:

Save Time and Money – On-site storage containers can help eliminate the cost of transporting tools and materials to off-site facilities. Save time and money by having these items readily available when you and your crew arrive at work.

Secure Equipment – Unsecured equipment is vulnerable. According to The National Equipment Register, more than $300 million worth of equipment is stolen every year from unsecured job sites—and that does not include the billions of dollars stolen in tool and building materials. On-site storage containers can help protect equipment, tools, and materials from theft, weather, and vandalism.

Reduce the Risk of Damage – Moving equipment and materials increases the risk of damage during transit. Securing everything on-site mitigates that risk by reducing the time equipment is on the road.

Create “On-The-Job” Efficiency – On-site storage containers can help create a reliable and dedicated space where everything is stored, eliminating the hassle of manually tracking down each piece of equipment every day.

PODS Phoenix is a smart choice for your job site’s on-site storage for many reasons:

PODS Delivers – Between overseeing a crew, subcontractors, and equipment rentals, you’re already managing a ton of moving parts. PODS delivers storage containers directly to your job site at the beginning of your project and picks them up at the end, giving you one less thing to coordinate.

PODS Has Month-to-Month Agreements – Some contractors build temporary structures, buy containers, or sign long-term storage leases, often leaving projects overcommitted. PODS offers month-to-month agreements so you can return your storage container as soon as your project wraps.

PODS Offers a Clear and Transparent Pricing Model – Construction and major landscaping jobs already have enough financial challenges. With simple and transparent pricing, PODS is a line item you can plan for with no hidden fees, no deposits, and no penalties when you change dates.

PODS Carries Multiple Container Sizes – Every project has different needs, which is why PODS rents several different container sizes that are ready to meet yours.

“Whether overseeing new builds or renovation projects, contractors are too often faced with the dilemma of safely storing valuable equipment, tools, and building materials,” said Figueroa, Territory Manager of PODS® Phoenix. “At PODS Phoenix, we are committed to offering flexible on-site storage solutions that help contractors increase the efficiency of their job sites.”  

About PODS® Phoenix

A moving and storage leader for nearly 25 years, PODS offers flexible, personalized solutions tailored to our customers’ unique needs. When PODS pioneered portable storage in 1998, we introduced the world to a new way of thinking about moving and storage, with unlimited time, control, and flexibility. Today, PODS provides residential and commercial moving and storage services in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK. The PODS network has completed more than 1.3 million long-distance moves and nearly 6 million initial deliveries. Whether it is a long-distance or international relocation, across-town move, or renovation project, PODS provides customers with a personal moving and storage team ready for any situation.