¬†With the rise in home building and construction projects it may be difficult to find a pre-owned brand name tool in good working order. Axel’s announced they launched a program to buy, sell, and pawn on name brand tools.

With this program consumers can easily find all the tools they need in one place. Axel’s Pawn will buy pre owned brand name tools and if a consumer is looking for a particular tool, part of their program is to help them find it through referral across their huge network.

The price of goods is high and this is the same for name brand tools. What consumers could purchase a few years ago is now sold at a higher price than ever before. Pay checks are tapped and buying what is needed to do the jobs on the construction site is a challenge.

Axel’s program will not only bring in a variety of quality pre-owned tools it will offer consumers options to get quick cash using their tools as collateral.

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