Using Only Premium Ingredients, The Products Aim To Help Digital Creators And Other Professionals

Worried about the number of unsafe pills and supplements in the market that don’t really help digital nomads like himself, entrepreneur Luis Vazalf decided to do something to improve the situation.

So he created Kosmic Dust, a health and performance supplement company that aims to help professionals living digitally nomadic lifestyles stay on top of their game without having to sacrifice their health and well-being.

“We work hard to provide healthier and better products to improve the life of content creators and other digital tribes,” explained Vazalf. “We are much more than a supplement company. We are an inclusive ecosystem of like-minded individuals with a common goal: To become our best selves on and offline.”

Kosmic Dust currently offers three supplements on its website: The energy booster Extrasis, Flozone nootropics for mental clarity and concentration, and DreamBig, a sleep aid that helps improve recall abilities during sleep while also helping to balance mood swings associated with sleep deprivation. The company counts as its customers, gamers, content creators, streamers, YouTubers, bloggers, athletes, and fitness people.

Largely because of the pandemic, more people have been working remotely, performing jobs, or running businesses with the use of technology and the internet. Often, these professionals work in coffee shops, co-working spaces, public libraries, or even travel to different locations around the world – becoming “digital nomads.” While the lifestyle certainly seems appealing, the challenges of moving around, time zone differences, and not having a fixed workspace can be very demanding.

“Working and traveling at the same time was my dream, but I didn’t realize how hard it is to deal with internet problems and time differences before I started working remotely,” said Ludivine C., who has been traveling across the US with her husband. “That’s why I’m so thankful for Kosmic Dust. My performance and focus just improved across the board. I could not have gone this far without them!”

More than providing a healthy option for people looking for supplements, Kosmic Dust is also committed to raising awareness about mental health, especially within its community of digital professionals. The company donates 3% of its profits to organizations that educate and provide research on mental health.

Meanwhile, digital entrepreneurs may apply to become Kosmic Dust brand ambassadors. Under the company’s affiliate program, ambassadors may earn up to 30% commission. Other perks include easy-to-create digital wallets, a private Discord community, VIP giveaways, and other exclusive content.

For more information or to order supplements, customers may visit Kosmic Dust’s website at

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