The Tech Academy is an award-winning coding boot camp that specializes in preparing absolute beginners for entry-level tech positions, and they just released a brand-new Cyber Security Boot Camp.

On The Tech Academy’s Cyber Security Boot Camp, students learn full-stack website and software development and how to protect all associated data. In addition to coding, the topics covered in this program include:

  • Fundamental computer and server hardware
  • The basics of computer networks and how to install them
  • Network security and VPNs
  • Building secure websites
  • Protecting databases and keeping the back end secure
  • Developing secure software and apps
  • Protecting user data

And more…

Enrollment is open now, and the entire program can be completed online from anywhere in the world.




Briar Willette


About The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy is an award-winning, licensed, technology trade school established in 2014 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

The Tech Academy delivers online and in-person coding boot camps that bring about graduates who are well-rounded, entry-level technology workers. They offer classes in virtually every aspect of technology, including coding, data science, mobile app development, game development, design, cyber security, and more.