Missouri-based large format graphics designer and installer takes over the 38th floor of EAST Miami Hotel with brand-inspired backdrops, signs, and decals welcoming top employees from Verizon attending a Formula One race.

A recognized leader in large-scale printing projects, Craftsmen Industries Inc. provides expert design, printing, and installation services for their customers nationwide. With expertise in completing projects of all sizes and types, including custom trailer fabrication, fleet vehicle wraps, and dimensional signage, they possess the skills to build almost anything. Taking over the 38th floor of the EAST Miami hotel with custom Verizon graphics to welcome top employees attending a Formula One race in the area provided an ideal backdrop to showcase their skills.

Although Craftsmen Industries initially focused their skills on trailer sales, they quickly expanded their services to meet customer demand. Engineering solutions to meet the needs of each client allowed them to expand their client base and provide custom products tailored to their use. Since its founding in 1982, Craftsmen has grown to a leading large format printing company employing over 170 employees providing high-quality prints for fleet graphics, interior signage, wholesale backdrops, and various other uses.

“The hotel takeover at the EAST Miami hotel was the perfect fit for our company,” remarked CEO and Co-owner Mark Steele. ” From the dimensional signs to the window graphics, the skilled craftsmanship that our printers and installers demonstrated was top notch. The takeover looked very professional and welcoming for these important hotel guests. We were proud to be a part of it.”

As the official sponsor of Formula One racing, Verizon wanted a branded space to welcome higher-up employees traveling to Miami to watch the race. Thus, the graphics created by Craftsmen for the hotel takeover featured Verizon logos and brand colors. The custom graphics provided by Craftsmen included:

  • Two Verizon-branded Backdrops – One featured a dimensional check mark and a stage and was set up in the banquet room where guests ate breakfast. The second appeared in the hospitality room.
  • Verizon Spot Graphics – These decals appeared in the lobby as well as various areas on the 38th floor.
  • Wayfinding Signs – Craftsmen employees rewrapped this signage daily to help Verizon guests find their way.

Craftsmen Industries, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified and recognized for its high-quality, large-scale G7 master printing projects. With skilled designers, engineers, and printers working closely under one roof in their facility in St. Charles, MO, they can easily keep projects on schedule and on budget.

To learn more about Craftsmen Industries, Inc. or how they can use graphics to improve company branding at an upcoming event, visit CraftsmenInd.com or call (800) 373-3575.

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