Massage therapy training is provided at numerous schools around Houston, Texas and worldwide. However, not all massage training schools use the same training methods.

While all credible massage schools in Houston, Texas must abide by the curriculum requirement of the Texas Occupations Code and the Texas Administrative Code, that does not mean that every massage school provides the same curriculum. In fact, they do not.

Various massage schools have developed curriculums tailored to the specialized massage therapy training courses they provide. Additionally, curriculum is utilized in accordance with the massage school owner’s and management’s approval and choice.

Depending on the type of massage therapy profession you are seeking to enter may make the difference in which type of massage therapy training program you decide to enroll in.

However, one aspect of training to become a massage therapist remains the same and that is the fact that hands-on massage therapy training is what will define your success in your future career as a massage therapist.

Supportive Massage School Training Professionals

At the Houston School of Massage, one of the longest running massage therapy schools in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, hands-on training, small class sizes, and proven curriculum are the cornerstones of every massage course.

There are a variety of classes a future massage therapist must successfully complete prior to beginning their career. At HSM, the highly experienced massage school instructors provide supportive guidance and training to ensure each enrolled student has an equal opportunity to achieve success and positive change moving forward in life.

The importance of the many pieces which all together create the platform for helping people launch successful massage therapy careers, whether as employees at existing locations, or as new massage therapy entrepreneurs, cannot be stressed enough. The experience offered by the Houston School of Massage gives many the credible sense of security needed to know they are putting their trust in the best massage training program to help achieve their personal career and life goals.

Small classroom sizes mean personalized attention is enabled for each student of HSM. Hands-on training means the opportunity to learn through supervised action where improvement can actually be sustained. Tried and proven curriculum means the professionals at the Houston School of Massage have been able to identify what works and what doesn’t in order to deliver diligently refined coursework for all students of massage.

Supportive professionals at the Houston School of Massage are available via telephone at 713-681-5275 to answer questions and discuss concerns associated with making the exciting move toward a new future as a professional massage therapist in Houston, Texas.

About Houston School of Massage

The belief in the power of touch is the foundation of the Houston School of Massage. Because of that belief, the mission of this massage therapy school in Houston is to offer a quality, affordable education by a caring and qualified staff to students who want to learn and be successful.