New book offers powerful insight into overcoming obstacles and setting sights on leadership success

The team at Vine Publishing is delighted to announce the official launch of Dr. David M. Walker’s all-new book, ‘The Champion’s Mind: How to Defeat Giants and Win’.

Dr. Walker is a leader whose focus is on empowering other leaders, particularly faith leaders. In his new book, Dr. Walker helps readers hone in on how to master their gifts, be fearless, cultivate relentless leadership, communicate effectively, gauge and build their character, see God more clearly, and recognize the dark side of things. Through his strategies, Dr. Walker helps readers overcome fears, doubts, and insecurities to be the leaders they were meant to be.

Dr. George C. Frasier, Founder of Power Networking Conference and Author of ‘Success Runs in Our Race and Click’, read the book and chimed in with his thoughts: “It’s one of the best-written and most prescriptive books I’ve read in quite a while on the well-worn subject of success principles.”

One reviewer, Andy Henriquez (Founder and CEO at The Master Storytelling Academy, Business Storytelling Coach, and Keynote Speaker), said, “Dr. Walker has developed winning strategies that can propel you into successful leadership.”

With the first remarkable reviews rolling in, readers can find their copy of ‘The Champion’s Mind: How to Defeat Giants and Win’ (ISBN#: 978-1736748374) online where books are sold. For more information about the book, visit the Vine Publishing website.

About Dr. David M. Walker

Dr. Walker is a professional leader, former NYC school administrator, pastor, and NCAA Division 1 college basketball referee who empowers faith leaders to overcome obstacles and develop success strategies by way of his new book, ‘The Champion’s Mind: How to Defeat Giants and Win’ and his keynote presentation. More information is available at and on Instagram and Facebook @drdavidmwalker.

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