PITTSFIELD, N.H., July 9th, 2022 –

“When you have such a large collection of valuable specialized asset class collectibles to sell at a no reserve auction, you want the tools at your disposal to ensure you reach your target market”, said Joe Cortese, President NobleSpirit.

It was nearly a year ago on August 13th, 2021 that NobleSpirit an innovation leading company in collectibles, announced the introduction of new technological features designed to transform the auction experience on eBay. Since then each of its monthly specialized catalogue auctions has proven to be a resounding success in accessing deep lifetime buyers in their respective market sectors.

The new NobleSpirit Catalogue incorporates uniquely constructed architecture that presents an unparalleled opportunity for buyers to spend weeks in advance discovering, planning, researching and budgeting their buying decisions.

Today, NobleSpirit announced the next in its series of regular monthly catalogue auction sales;

Lois Regestein Collection Rare Date Gold Silver Eagles, US Premium Singles, Sets

An outstanding hand selected 431 American Eagles and gold coins – seldom seen low population rarities, many of which representing less than 10 known signature series examples for the issue.

“Bidding and buying are two different things. Bidding is an aspiration. Buying is an affirmation. When you combine Bidding + Buying it becomes an achievement than spans all that collectors hold dear from their personal values to their cultural heritage, to their intellectual prowess.”, said Joe Cortese President, NobleSpirit

About NobleSpirit

NobleSpirit is a leading dealer of asset class stamps, coins and collectibles on eBay. 50 years in the business of stamps and coins, NobleSpirit has sold over 600,000 stamps on eBay since 1998, with over 50-60,000 stamps per year to over 84 countries world wide, as eBay’s exclusive consignment seller for stamps. NobleSpirit is also the parent company of Stamp Market Index powered by exclusive agreement with eBay to provide a first of its kind tool and resource with data never previously available. NobleSpirit is also parent company of UseMeridian, fully integrated consignment and marketplace management.