Digital magazines have become more popular than printed ones due to their convenience and affordability. FlipHTML5 offers a place to create and read digital magazines.

Digital magazines are the current trend, quickly replacing printed ones. It’s little wonder, as digital magazines are more accessible to readers and are much easier to carry around. They’re somewhat easier for publishers to create too, not to mention more affordable since printing and distribution costs are almost non-existent. FlipHTML5 is the ideal platform for both creators and readers of digital magazines. Publishers can easily create interactive, media-rich digital magazines and readers can find their favorite magazines to read for free.

According to Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, “Digital magazines are what’s in now, and FlipHTML5 is the place to create as well as read them.”

FlipHTML5 converts static PDF files into dynamic, page-flipping digital magazines in minutes. The page-turning effects and sound give the impression of a printed magazine and make digital magazines more attractive than PDFs. Readers can flip pages vertically or horizontally and enable auto-flip if desired. Moving between pages is as simple as tapping the corner of a page or clicking the next and previous buttons.

Publishers can take advantage of various templates offered on FlipHTML5 for the layout of their digital magazines. Backgrounds and themes are also available to enhance the appearance of digital magazines. They can insert a clickable table of contents, enable the search function, and add thumbnails to simplify navigation.

The powerful online multimedia editor from FlipHTML5 will elevate the experience that readers get from their digital magazines. Publishers can embed images, audio, videos, popups, and animations in digital magazines to keep readers engaged for longer. They can also insert hyperlinks that will make advertising more effective as readers will be able to act on ads with a click instead of having to type a URL in a separate browser.

FlipHTML5 has digital magazines from publishers worldwide. Publishers can upload their completed magazines to the FlipHTML5 cloud for free storage and web hosting. The virtual bookcase displays multiple magazines attractively and makes it easier for readers to find their favorites. Readers can even subscribe to their favorite publications. Sharing digital magazines is easy with FlipHTML5 – just grab the automatically generated URL and share via email or social media or use the embed code to embed on websites and blogs.

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About FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd. is a world leading provider of digital publishing software. For many years, They have focused on the research and development of outstanding range of e-publishing software for users around the world. Furthermore, they offer customized solutions for publishers in different industries.