In pursuit of catering to the growing data security apprehensions and compliance demands of the EU, UK and US regions combined, MirrorFly has consciously stepped up its in-app communication offerings with GDPR compliance for a heightened data security experience.

This recently enabled compliance lets developers harness the power of in-app chat SDKs to guard user’s personal data through the following rigid guidelines

Personal data encryption

Permission popups for consent-based data collection

Updated terms and conditions, privacy policies

Delete access to remove personal data from all places

Contact forms for collecting concerns

No more of saved contact name display

Name, email, phone number fields now deemed as optional

Denied contact sync permission and access

Besides, much to the aid of healthcare regulatory requirements, MirrorFly is now HIPAA compliant to prioritize and safeguard PHI(Personal Health Information) of patients across the medical organizations .

These robust compliant norms enables developers to build API-led in-app communication experiences that protects patient’s personal data at all costs via

Strong password policies

PHI access control and enablement only for authorized users

Local data encryption

No-display push notifications for messages, calls

Disabled email chat option for additional security

Encrypted media files before storage and decrypted while in use

In addition to furnishing these regulations, CONTUS MirrorFly has embarked on an in-app moderation journey with crucial moderation features being extremely mindful of the need to create healthy and user-friendly conversational space across apps.

Through these in-app moderations, console admins(moderators) can block, unblock users and report users based on their recent conversations to help maintain a safe and on-topic messaging environment throughout.

With these new launches in place, CONTUS MirrorFly expects to alleviate the developer’s hassles and time constraints to aid regulatory and moderation-bound in-app conversations on the move across platforms and tech stacks.

“Frontlining developer-friendly in-app communication experiences is our ideal and with these recent offerings, I believe that we are one-step closer to realizing it sooner than ever” says Bala K, Product head of CONTUS MirrorFly.

In essence, this recent rollout of HIPAA, GDPR compliance and moderation features, empowers in-app chat developers by all means to take advantage of our chat SDKs for engineering highly-powerful in-app communication experiences conveniently across niches.


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