The highly-requested data fields for list customization include the audience’s demographic details – the full name, business email IDs, contact numbers, job title, work location, industry sector, SIC and NAICS code, and year of establishment.

“Customizing your list gives you the power to get the exact data you want,” states Alexander James, Marketing Strategist at InfoGlobalData. He elaborates, “The clients have control over the data and can choose the attributes that give their business an advantage over others. We have learned from experience that a readymade pharmacies email list is only satisfactory and does not fulfill every requirement because not every organization has the same modus operandi.”

James further says, “We don’t want our clients to leave satisfied. We want them returning for more. That’s why the clients will have the last say in the decision-making process.”

InfoGlobalData supplies information from more than 16,000 authentic sources, including hospital data and medical publications, to build the pharmacy mailing list. It authenticates the data in an established procedure, starting with verification at the source and ending with legal compliance and the owner’s consent.

InfoGlobalData’s clients reportedly attained 85-90% email deliverability, allowing them to maintain their sender reputation. By offering customization services, InfoGlobalData allows its clients to take advantage of the quality information and combine it with their marketing strategies to attain their highest deliverability rates.

There are 90k+ email contacts in InfoGlobalData’s database, all obtained with the consent of the rightful owners and according to CCPA, CAN-SPAM, and GDPR rules. Organizations that send personalized messages to their subscribers are more likely to build stable relationships. The subscribers become potential customers when they perceive the messages as relevant and interesting.

InfoGlobalData will hand over the exclusive data ownership to the clients at the time of purchase so that they can do their homework to approach the audience with insightful knowledge. It will follow a no resale policy on the customized pharmacy contact list to give its clients the added benefit of retaining the potential customers post-conversion.

About InfoGlobalData

InfoGlobalData is famous for its top-quality data and well-segmented database. Its lists generate high responses and are much sought after by businesses across the globe. It is known to provide active lists that reduce the hard bounce rate and increase customer engagement. Its data is processed in 7 steps to ensure maximum accuracy. InfoGlobalData offers data credits if the irregularities cross the minimum limit or duplicates are found despite the rigorous verification checks. Its 24/7 customer assistance has guided clients to finding the right database and growing their business beyond its potential.

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