This honor to be certified as a minority-owned business is only just the beginning for Velocity Works as they are already a rapidly growing software and staffing company. Velocity Works is proud to be a part of the growing network of certified minority-owned businesses.

About Velocity Works

Velocity Works is a full service custom software development company that provides custom software solutions and acts as an IT managed service provider. Their growth has allowed them to expand both nationally and internationally as they provide services both nearshore or offshore, giving customers the opportunity to find affordable solutions while also receiving top quality products and services.

Their technical background in IT makes them the go-to experts for finding true technical IT talent. They extend their expertise to other businesses by offering IT staffing services. Velocity Works knows how difficult it can be to find talented IT professionals with the skillset to match. Their experience allows them to recruit top talent for businesses, saving them time, money and resources.

Velocity Works Founder

The founder and CEO of this established custom software development and staffing agency is Al Lopez. Al is a proud Latino American from a blended family of Venezuelan and Dominican descent. Al has proudly served his country and has made a business that is truly his own. His dedication, focus, and commitment to excellence has taken Velocity Works to new heights. This new certification as a minority-owned business is only just the beginning for this upcoming strong company.