Aggressive Growth Fund for accredited investors, small institutions, and hedge funds, who seeking global macro and mathematical models , for stock, bond, and currency markets globally.

Daniel Greenwood  – Chief Investment Officer at Balfour Capital Group. We believe that the key factors to making money, during these volatile times are based on three factors The first being asset class, the second, being complete global access, and the third is determining what true value is.

As a firm, we are very bearish China, for the next two financial quarters. It is very possible that the Hang Seng, could see 17,000, the yearly high is 29,146, as of close of Friday 21,996. Institutional money and especially private equity money are simply not seeing value. The high default rate on bonds, covid lockdowns, and the geopolitical events in Taiwan, it’s a falling knife.

It’s essential to understand that with global dislocations of assets, you must have global access to truly find value.  Our clients realize it’s a 24 hr market, and our Funds like Alpha Centauri, are performing because we clearly can delineate the mispricing of assets, and the inter and intra correlations between Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Commodities, and ETFs. As a result, our clients are getting the returns, by having best-in-class technology, but more importantly the human touch that we deploy to our clients.

Our institutional clients and retail clients are fully aware that a sound mathematical strategy has to have human intervention. I am fortunate that I have a world-class team that has combined the new school with the old school.