Carissa Biele Entertainment, LLC brings awareness to young-onset dementia through Carissa’s relationship with her mother, video, and the song “Strong Like the Whiskey.”

June is “Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month.” Entertainer, and singer-songwriter Carissa Biele has brought a great deal of awareness to young-onset dementia by sharing her personal experience through a Dementia Daughter,” vlog Youtube series, and the song “Strong Like the Whiskey.” Carissa’s no filter or frills footage is a powerful, eye-opening glimpse into dementia’s agonizing characteristics and frustrations that will simultaneously leave you sad yet warm and fuzzy. The relationship between the two is adorable, even if darkened by an unfortunate fate. Biele’s mother started suffering from dementia in her early fifties and will turn 70 this year.

It is reasonable to presume that having a parent with any illness or disability can have a detrimental effect on an individual and lead to an abrupt change of life course planning and a haphazard knowledge cram. Unfortunately, the scenario is seemingly becoming more common as more people under 65 are diagnosed with young-onset dementia and, synchronically, more children like Carissa Biele are in education having a parent with this diagnosis.** An individual and their family experience significant emotional, mental, and psychological challenges, which, as one of Carissa’s songs says, preparing yourself for is easier said than done.

Lack of public awareness and understanding of the situation can result in isolation. Feeling isolated led Carissa to extend herself as a Dementia Coach during Covid. Here is some of the Dementia Daughter’s advice on managing your loved one’s care and self-care to keep your brain health counterbalanced.

1. Schedule self-care like it is your job. At least three times a week, try to make time daily. It can be a scheduled nap, exercise, manicure, movie, or wine time. Whatever brings you joy and relaxation. Some days it may only be 10 minutes but do it anyway.

2. Schedule exercise like it is also your job. The thought of working out may not bring everyone a joyous feeling, but it is wildly important to your brain health.

3. Make yourself laugh. Watch as many funny movies as you can find, go to the comedy club as much as you can afford, or hang out with the most humorous of friends as much as possible. It gets harder and harder to laugh, refuse to stop laughing.

4. Get yourself a Long Term Care Plan now. Private Memory Care is expensive. Commonly, Money causes stress even for the healthiest of humans, so imagine having this situation suddenly present itself!

5. Get Sunshine and take Vitamins. Other supplements worth researching on: daily multivitamins, extra Vitamin B(12), methyl folate, Omega3, MCT oil, CoQ-10, Glutathione/ NAD, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, and curcumin (to name a few.)

6. Tell your pride it is ok to get a therapist or go to support groups.

7. Eat healthier and ditch the sugar. Sugar is a major enemy to your brain. It causes it to go to war and is addictive like a drug. Pretend sugar is your ex. You are better off without added sugar. As for diet, try eating Mediterranean-style and read about the “Mind Diet.”

8. Give it to God, which is my opinion and how I find hope but to each their own. Find your source of positivity and hope and make it a priority.

In 2019, Carissa released her single, “Strong Like the Whiskey,” to country radio which appeared on Nashville’s Music Row Breakout Chart. Her song remained on the New Music Weekly radio charts for over 21 consecutive weeks in 2020.

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