Aggressive Growth Fund for accredited investors, small institutions, and hedge funds, who seeking global macro and mathematical models , for stock, bond, and currency markets globally.

Daniel Greenwood – As Chief Investment Officer of BCG, and spearheading The Alpha Centauri Algorithmic Fund as a relatively small fund of  100 Million Euro, we take advantage of our size. We are not too big and have world-class execution systems globally, that enable us in increasing our rate of return. Every second counts when you are executing thousands of trades per minute

The increased volatility is due to the uncertainty Geo-Political events, inflation,  and higher interest rates globally. It’s a  perfect storm to find value and lock in profits. The flow chart of global finance truly doesn’t sleep it’s a true 24-hour market. Once again I am fortunate to have a world-class research team from Mervyn Taylor, Sean McCoy, Steve Lawrence, and Margarette Fournier, We pride ourselves on monitoring risk.

We are forecasting a bull market in commodities, and very selective purchases in technology companies. We see China going into a serious recession due to the lack of transparency in their markets, as well as continued covid lockdown. If the Hang Seng Index breaks 20,000 we could see it easily go to 15,000 on the index.