Since launching the original Pipe Puller in the UK in 2011, Kobus has led the way for trenchless technologies becoming the first and only technology producer creating products capable of simultaneously removing and laying pipes.

Now, Kobus are proud to partner with Germany’s Perforator GmbH to bring the Kobus Pipe Puller range to the German, Swiss, and Austrian markets. Perforator GmbH was founded in 2002 and will now utilise the Pipe Puller portfolio in their operations.

In March, Kobus Pipe Puller’s business developer Simon Macdonald met with the Managing Director of Perforator, Johann-Christian von Behr, to finalise the agreement. Both company leaders share the same principles in striving for quick trenchless pipeline replacement work.

This partnership adds to a growing number of deals across Europe.

The Kobus Pipe Puller range is already operating with partners in Poland, Cyprus, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Spanish partners Sistemas de Perforacion were recognised with a gold award at the International Water & Irrigation Exhibition for their use of the Kobus Pipe Puller KPP300 technology in their operations.

Kobus’ international operations also extend to the USA with through a wholly owned US-based subsidiary, Kobus Inc.

Launched in 2020, Kobus’ US operations are based in the heart of America’s pipeline replacement hotspot, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Both Michigan and surrounding states have a high incidence of lead pipes in need of replacement, particularly in inner-city areas.

Further partnerships across Europe, and globally, continues to be worked on with the Kobus Pipe Puller proving its worth for partners utilising the unique trenchless technology product range.

Kobus produce two pipe pulling products, the KPP300 and the KPP400.

The KPP300 product is the original offering. Modular for ease of handling and driven by its own, separate hydraulic pack the KPP300 is compact and easy to use with manual handling by two operators. Best used when site access is difficult.

In 2014, with funding secured through the Gas Industry Network Innovation Alliance, the KPP400 was launched.

Mounted on a compact excavator and driven from auxiliary hydraulics this product is an all-in-one excavator capable of generating up to 20 tonnes of pulling force.