The Model 7196 is designed to support multiple DVR’s and multiple CCTV camera systems by sharing a single BNC interface device among six other devices connected to ports 1 through 6. Both the Center and Shell of the BNC interface are switched and the switch ports are transparent to all data. All BNC ports are impedance matched to support 75 Ohm equipment.

This Model 7196 is manually controlled via 6 front panel pushbuttons to individually switch positions with a SCAN pushbutton for Scan Mode. The Scan Mode allows automatic switching of positions at a set time interval. This BNC Switch can also be remotely controlled using USB ASCII commands that allow the user to control switch position, lock out front panel operations, toggle scan mode, configure the scan for excluding ports, change scan interval, set default power up/down position and obtain switch status.

The Model 7196 can also be configured to maintain the last set position on power loss and continue to pass data or to switch to a default power down position and continue to pass data. On power up, the unit can be configured to maintain its position, to restore the position before the power down, or to switch to a default power up position.

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