Stella Artois’ new campaign encourages fans to pour life back into dinner again and to savor meal-time traditions

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This summer, Stella Artois is inviting fans to pour life back into the dinner experience with their newest campaign that invites everyone to Make Time for the Life Artois with a simple call to action, “Sign Off, Dine In, Bon Appetit.” The campaign, recognizes that work life and home life have blended into one and honors meal time as an important way to savor life. For many, dinner has become another check on the to-do list, instead of a special moment to enjoy with those who matter most.

Coming to life via a television buy, social, OOH and more, this 360-marketing campaign reminds fans that moments worth savoring happen over a delicious meal paired with an ice-cold Stella Artois, shared with loved ones.

“Many of us have normalized eating meals whenever it’s most convenient and sometimes even in the midst of our workload,” said Lauren Denowitz, U.S. Head of Marketing, Stella Artois. “Stella Artois wants to help pour life back into these everyday meals and inspire consumers to bring the joy and connection that comes with sharing at-home dining experiences.”

Releasing a new film titled “ It’s Time To Dine Again ,” Stella Artois will playfully highlight the need for consumers to flip their mindset – and their tables – to once again savor the meal occasion. The film starts with a woman working hard at home, when her loved one walks into the room with two Stellas in hand, inspiring her to sign off from work and make time for dinner. With a simple flip, the table previously covered in work materials transforms into a beautiful dining experience, immersing the characters in the true meaning of The Life Artois. The spot demonstrates how a perfectly poured Stella Artois can inspire everyone to make time for moments worth savoring, especially moments spent dining with loved ones.

Stella Artois knows that their fans love making life long memories with the people who matter most while enjoying a delicious meal. Thats why Stella has always prioritized elevating meal occasions to provide fans the perfect opportunity for them to savor life together with their friends and family.

Earlier this year, Stella Artois launched “Frites Artois,” a series of immersive events nationwide that turned the classic french fry into pomme frites with a simple yet elevated twist. The program kicked of Miami and will be making its way through a wide range of cultural events this summer such as music festivals and sporting events nationwide to continue creating moments worth savoring.

For fans that prefer at home dining experiences, Stella will help them elevate their dining occasions through the creation of five custom summer dishes that are easy to make, easier to enjoy and pair perfectly with an ice-cold Stella. These recipes will be available now at retailers nationwide. From Spanish garlic shrimp to lamb meatball sliders, these recipes are perfect for summer dining and will remind fans that meals worth savoring always starts with a Stella.

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