Productivate Plus a productivity and innovation company located in Houston Texas has come up with licenses for productivity coaches and anyone who has a passion for human capacity development. This is an offshoot of the new web application created by the CEO of the organization to help Americans to be more productive and live to full capacity. The launching was done in Houston, Texas as the CEO of the company unveils the product.

Remi Dairo, the CEO and creator of the Personal Productivity Program App (PPP) said the web application is set up to reveal the capacity of any individual that takes the assessment. He said many people do know their strengths, weaknesses, or opportunities and therefore they struggle with life. Many are experiencing career stock and others don’t know the kind of business that will be in alignment with their personality, these and more are the problems the PPP assessment has come to solve.

The assessment is based on the Myers-Briggs personality discovery. The solution PPP App proffers covers entrepreneurs who want to find their business strengths and opportunities, career professionals who want to know the kind of career they can go into with their personality type, and parents who want to find out the productivity capacity of their children. The site is available 24 hours at

The CEO of Productivate Plus; Remi Dairo said “it is time for productivity coaches and anyone who has a passion for human development to tap into this new platform as a tool to help others find direction and set them on the path of increasing productivity for the betterment of the society” According to him, this application will add great value to Americans productivity and consequently the economy of the nation.