When a conflict is on the verge of erupting–will you make the ultimate sacrifice and admit to stealing weapons-grade uranium even though you know you’ll almost certainly be executed? That is Mac Daniels’ dilemma as a member of the CIA’s top echelon in a suspense and action story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Join Gene Boffa and Mac Daniels as they take you behind the scenes of a super agent’s life, filled with perils and thrills.

“Deception: A Mac Daniels Novel,” by Gene Boffa, will take you inside the dangerous world of Mac Daniels, a super spy for the Central Intelligence Agency. He took weapons-grade uranium from North Korea, one of the country’s most destructive weapons. Mac Daniels must come out, acknowledge his role in the crime, and avert conflict. He enlists the help of his girlfriend, Astrid, to establish a chance of escaping North Korea.

Will they, however, be successful? Will Mac Daniels live to see his legacy carried on?

Gene will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie. If you enjoy narrative twists, suspense, thrill, critical thinking, last-minute miracles, and adrenaline, this book is for you. Gene’s literary prowess is on full show. When it comes to story setup and twists, he is always one step ahead of the readers. A great work, deserving praise from Forward Clarion Reviews, Kirkus Reviews, and Blue Ink Reviews. The Forward Clarion event even went so far as to compare Gene to Tom Clancy, which is a tall order but well-deserved.

The book adds a lot to the discussion and is one that you can recommend to others.

“Deception: A Mac Daniels Novel”

Author: Gene Boffa

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Publication Date: December 2020

Genre: Thriller, Action Adventure

About the Author

Gene Boffa loves fishing, boating and flying — hobbies which has done all over the world. He is a lawyer with one of the oldest law firms in New Jersey, Shuman Hanlon Margulies where he specializes in transactional law. Gene is married to Patricia and they live in the small town of Green Brook, New Jersey. They have four grown children who often bring the grandchildren by so enjoy their summer house at the jersey shore. Gene’s first novel “The Deed” is available at geneboffa.com and Your Online Publicist