The author’s sophomore publishing effort has received positive reviews from book reviewers.

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The novel is woven around themes of romance, forgiveness, abuse, apathy, mysticism, war and parenthood.

A new beginning after a traumatic experience is always possible. Anyone can heal and recover from a devastating psychological event with the help of the right people and at the right time. Ultimately, healing is not a solo endeavor. Gordon Bocher’s work of fiction “The Emma Effect” (Newman Spring; 2022) revolves around this premise.

“The Emma Effect”, whom the author describes as “a very unusual book,” “a psychological romance,” and “a romantic novel with venturesome and mystical overtones,” centers on the healing journey of Mitch Lavin. Mitch was severely and criminally mistreated by two beautiful coeds while in college, which led to him suffering from PTSD.

To cope with the resulting depression, he applies for a very dangerous yet high-paying job with Mining Consortium International (MCI) and is eventually accepted. At MCI, he meets Emma Waterson and her boss, Gen. Creighton Wheeler, both of whom will later aid Mitch in his psychological recovery. Mitch is drawn to Emma because of the peaceful state of mind that he experiences whenever he is with her. She possesses an unusual ability to bring a sense of serenity to anyone that enters her personal milieu.

“The Emma Effect” has received great reviews from independent book review publications. In a review for Seattle Book Review, Foluso Falaye wrote, “‘The Emma Effect’ is skillfully woven around the themes of romance, forgiveness, abuse, empathy, Catholicism, war, career, diligence, psychology, and parenthood. Readers who enjoy romantic stories that portray daunting, lifelike challenges should make sure to read ‘The Emma Effect.’”

“Gordon’s captivating narrative is a flawless combination of breathtaking action, heartwarming love and kindness, and deep psychological struggles. ‘The Emma Effect’ inspires readers to heal from pain and remain hopeful for better days, no matter one’s present challenges.”

A review by The US Review of Books reads, “The author demonstrates clear control over the story’s pacing and works to create characters that have multiple dimensions. The main character’s growth and relationships however where Bocher does his best writing. He writes with a lot of detail, a stylistic choice that comes across more as a storyteller recounting a tale rather than showing it as it unfolds.”

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“The Emma Effect”

Author | Gordon Bocher

Published date | 2022

Publisher | Newman Springs Publishing

Book retail price | $15.95

Author Bio

Gordon L. Bocher served 11 1/2 years in the Air Force. He flew 177 combat rides as a Fire Control Officer (FCO) aboard the AC–130A Gunship. As a rescue navigator, Bocher participated in the abortive attempt to rescue the 53 hostages held in Iran. Throughout his service, Bocher was awarded two Distinguished Flying Cross medals, eight Air Medals, the Purple Heart, the Conspicuous Service Award from Gov. Mario Cuomo (NY) and two nominations for the Silver Star. The author’s personal story was chronicled in two front-page stories in Newsday, People magazine, the Colorado Star, the Veterans of Foreign Wars magazine and was featured in “The Book of Man” (pp 417-424) by William Bennett (9/29/11). This story provides an accurate history of the end stages of the Vietnam War and has been placed in the oral history section of the Library of Congress. Mr. Bocher also worked as an air-traffic control specialist for 27 years.