Track Title: Victory – Smooth Gospel Mix
Genre: Hip-Hop / Contemporary Gospel
Launch Date: 14th May 2022
ISRC Code: 0675804678016

Jeff Logan is a figurative and venerable one-man band. He is a producer, arranger, composer, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist who performed all the instruments on his new single as well as all of the vocals.

His compositions are wickedly clever with bass lines and chorus hooks that leave the listener mesmerized while simultaneously leaving them involuntarily hooked by compulsorily demanding one obey by tapping his/her feet and clapping those hands.

Jeff has previously produced and released music in the genres of smooth jazz, R&B and contemporary gospel on previous labels (Satin Records and Bass-Mint Records).

The new single, Victory – Smooth Gospel Mix is his debut release by Fire & Ice Entertainment Group, showcasing promise for the future things to come from Jeff’s ability to infuse hyper rhythm, clever phrasing and soulful music combined to create a victorious rendering of musical perfection.

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