Consumers can now access a consolidated record of immunizations received across multiple States through MyIR Mobile.

STChealth has supported consumer access to immunization records for over a decade through MyIR™ Mobile, our mobile responsive application that gives consumers and their children access to their FULL immunization record directly from State Immunization Information Systems.

MyIR™ Mobile was the first consumer application to provide access to immunization records for adults and their dependents, and now MyIR™ Mobile is the first application to help consolidate immunization records across multiple States.

STChealth Group Product Manager Sarah McKee said, “This has been a long time coming and I am so happy to see this new feature available to all our MyIR Mobile users. Throughout the years I have seen people travel and live in multiple states and have to carry paper records from one location to the next to maintain accurate records. The pandemic made the situation so much bigger, and we knew we had to get this out to the public to help them get consolidated records.” 

Individuals who receive vaccinations in multiple States will be able to view a consolidated immunization record for themselves and their children. Six States are currently participating, and we are ready and able to bring more States onboard.

If you received immunizations in Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, or Washington you can signup for MyIR Mobile or login to your existing account to access consolidated records for yourself and your children. Use these records to satisfy requirements for proof of vaccination at work, school, summer camp, or for travel.

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