Palette of Threads Boutique specializes in trendy-chic yet everyday styles for ladies of all ages. Their clothing is perfect for day-to-day wear or a night out with the gals.

Palette of Threads started as a “Basement Boutique” and quickly transitioned into a mobile boutique that is now a B&M in the heart of Englewood, Ohio.

Owner Jessica Cecrle opened Palette of Threads Boutique after she gave birth to her first daughter in 2015 and was looking for styles for her new “mom bod.”

Jessica explained it was very frustrating and discouraging coming home from the local shopping malls empty handed. That’s when she came home and started to research how to start an online boutique.

Palette of Threads is a women’s boutique and online clothing store that opened its first brick-and-mortar location back in 2017.

Palette of Threads Boutique carries trendy yet chic styles for the everyday women. Palette carries sizes small through 3XL, including oversized sweaters, leggings, denim, and more.

When choosing inventory for the store, Cecrle says that she looks for styles that are different. “We like to bring in brands you don’t often see,” she says. “We don’t follow fashion trends – we do what works for us.”

Some of the most popular styles in the store include Judy Blues, the best-selling women’s denim they offer. Judy Blues caters to all shapes and sizes, and customers often remark how comfortable they are to wear.

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