Chews A Puppy, a pet store located in the City of Ocoee, announced that their 2022 continuing education scholarships have been awarded to four very deserving Ocoee High School students. As part of its continuing community outreach program, Chews A Puppy announced in the fall of 2021, an annual scholarship program allotted for Ocoee high school seniors. The pet store that specializes in the sale of dog related merchandise along with puppies announced that it will continue to allocate $20,000 each year for its Ocoee High School scholarship program, in an effort to help make a direct impact to students futures within the community.

On May 3, the four worthy recipients were named and awarded $5000.00 each towards their ongoing education in their fields of study at the schools of their choice; The University of Central Florida, Valencia College, Florida State University, and Middlebury College. Ocoee High School hosts an award ceremony where academic awards and scholarships are presented to deserving senior year students each May. All four recipients of the Chews A Puppy scholarships were visibly surprised and thrilled when their names were announced, running up to the stage with large smiles on their faces, and could be seen hugging and thanking both the owner and manager of Chews A Puppy for the financial support, with one excited recipient saying, “Thank you for believing in me.”

“Participating in Chews A Puppy’s community outreach programs,” stated Stephanie, manager of the store, “is a very rewarding experience for our entire staff and families. Seeing the smiles on the students faces and the genuine gratitude they have when they hug you and say ‘thank you for believing in me’ was just so emotional for me. We wish them all well in their future endeavors.”

The store, located on West Colonial Drive, is an expansive, light space filled with happy, bouncy puppies and a wide variety of foods, bakery treats and toys, along with crates and other training items. Chews A Puppy enjoys a large customer-base of dog lovers that frequent the business for dog related items for their current pets as well as adding a new furry member to their family from their large selection of purebred and mixed breed puppies available for sale. Chews A Puppy offers an extensive health warranty and provides microchips and a vaccination program to help protect their puppies and assist their customers. On any given day, the store is filled with caring staff ready to assist excited customers regarding the care of their pets. It’s easy for anyone to see why the business is so popular when you see the puppies wagging their tails, eager for attention, and step into one of the puppy playrooms to cuddle and play with them. The Ocoee pet store also offers daily discounts for first responders and current and retired military members, and donates regularly to local schools sports teams and police K-9 units. Chews A Puppy is always looking for ways to expand their community outreach program in the future and welcomes suggestions and ideas from local organizations.

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