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The fourth book to his well-received Lightning Brain Series, author Cliff Ratza delivers an enthralling continuation to Electra Kittner’s exciting odyssey in, “The Girl Who Cloned Lightning.”

Electra Kittner, now an Electra-Alisha split personality infected with an STD-like/T-Plague like mutation, must cure herself first before she could battle a new set of enemies in Cyberspace as well as 3-D space. All while still contending against a relentlessly harsh government in the United States, as several random acts of terrorism are brought about by a rogue paramilitary force.

With her plate full, and her professional and personal lives plagued with uncertainties, can this extraordinary heroine keep her adversaries at bay?

Cliff Ratza is an established businessman, professor, and author. He has multiple degrees in mathematics, physics, business. and computer science, all while extensively writing throughout his career.

Rare Books Media endorses this project to the American Foundation for the Blind. They recommend getting a copy of the book in audiobook format, so readers with various disabilities may enjoy this colorful tale worth sharing.

“The Girl Who Cloned Lightning” by Cliff Ratza

Kindle | B0893J8T2S

Paperback | 978-1734144840

Audiobook | B0942YXVYX

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