Queensland and New South Wales see a record mouse plague in rural and urban areas.

Eco Pest Control Brisbane along with many other pest control experts, are issuing a warning to all Brisbane homeowners against the rising rodent population throughout the city.

Due to favourable climate conditions throughout Queensland and some parts of New South Wales, the number of rodents in the area and their overactive breeding have brought on issues for farmers and city dwellers alike.

According to experts at CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency, mouse plagues similar to this one happen once every ten years or so. Because of the abundance of rain after a long drought, food and shelter sources are more widely available to these pests. To add to that, mice can begin the breeding process as early as six weeks. Once they’ve birthed a litter of pups, they can get pregnant again immediately.

Although mice aren’t migratory animals, they can travel up to 100m and are found in places all over Australia. These small creatures can easily go undetected and are becoming more common in urban areas. This is likely due to a few reasons:

Established populations have more access to food and shelter.

When the weather cools, mice seek shelter inside of homes and businesses.

During the breeding season, mice are found in large numbers and new mice disperse to a widespread area.

The best way to prevent mice from infesting your home or business is to make sure doors and windows are shut, cracks in the walls are sealed, and all garbage is secured in a bin with a tight-fitting lid. Homes and businesses with a lot of clutter are also more susceptible to pest issues. It’s important to keep your space tidy to avoid this from happening.

When filling any holes in your walls or foundation, it’s best to use copper wool. Mice and rats have a habit of chewing right through foam and caulk, so copper wool is going to last you far longer.

It’s important to take preventative measures in your home as mice can cause significant property damage, health issues, and food contamination too. If you’re worried about whether or not you may have mice, here are some good indicators:

Seeing rodents in your home: This is your surefire sign that you’re dealing with a problem. If you spot one mouse, it’s likely that there’s an entire nest somewhere.

Squeaking sounds and feet running across your ceiling or in your walls: The sounds of their feet will make a distinct light tapping sound.

A pungent smell near their dwellings: Mice tend to leave a strong smell near their territory.

Dark or greasy run marks where they’ve been: A mouse’s skin secretes a greasy substance that is used to help them climb through extremely tight spaces.

Food or packaging with chew marks: Mice love getting into human food. Watch your packaging for bite marks and make sure your food is stored properly.

Nesting material in certain areas (shredded paper, old wrappers, etc.): Like birds, mice make their home as a nest. They’ll use whatever soft and cushiony material they can find.

Mouse droppings on the floor near walls: Second to actually seeing a mouse, finding small brown pellets are a solid indicator that you have mice in your home or business.

Small urine streaks on carpeting or wood floors: Mouse urine looks like a small streak on any floor.

However, sometimes all efforts will fail. Mice are sneaky creatures, so there may be instances where you need to call in an expert. Pest control companies, including Eco Pest Control, have specific practices for ridding a residence or business of mice and other rodents. The services we provide at Eco Pest Control include setting and monitoring bait traps, effective treatment, on-site inspection and post-treatment recommendations, and different packages depending on your needs.

Eco Pest Control offers a catered rodent control solution specific to your individual needs. We guarantee that after a service from us, your rodent issue will be completely eradicated and the likelihood of a return is significantly reduced. All primary consultations with us are free. We use eco-friendly practices to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Eco Pest Control has been providing pest control services for over 20 years. We’re licensed by Queensland Health and adhere to Australia’s code of practice for pest control. With our 100 % satisfaction guarantee and wide range of eco-friendly pest control plans, we’re confident that we can help you. We offer competitive pricing on all services and are available in all areas in Brisbane and New South Wales.

To schedule a consultation, call us on 07 3184 8488 today. You can also visit to our office at 16/300 Ann Street, Brisbane City, QLD 4000.

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