Hollywood Book Reviews describes the book as “a spiritually infused, lovingly created compilation of poetic works.”

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Catch the book display for “We Live and Learn: At A Life Pace” by Claudia Walthing at the 2022 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Why better way to celebrate life’s joys, express love for God and family, record memories, and share meditations than through poetry? Claudia Walthing Andrade did all with her collection of poetry titled “We Live and Learn: At A Life Pace” (Urlink Print & Media; 2021).

“It’s my sincere hope that this book of mine brings you enjoyment and possibility sparks in you a light of creativity and passion,” said the author, who cites God and her son as her inspiration. “Poetry is one of my many passions and my first love and in sharing this love with everyone who reads it.”

She was given a second chance in life by God when she experienced death for two minutes after a temporal brain surgery in 2001. Since then, she has written many poems, sharing about her daily life and embracing each emotion with her family, love, inspiration, and school. The core of her poetry revolves around sharing the meaning of being alive and not taking life for granted.

In a review for Hollywood Book Reviews, Lisa Brown wrote that “We Live and Learn: At A Life Pace” is “an enjoyable immersive read, through which author Claudia Walthing Andrade’s deeply emotive verses flowed with a deeply detailed sense of gratitude for her life, her experiences and her family, as well as her relationship with God.”

Share in Claudia Walthing Andrade’s poetic life’s journey in “We Live and Learn: At A Life Pace.” Order a copy today on Amazon.

“We Live and Learn: At A Life Pace” will be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at their exhibit at booth 1147 for the 2022 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference & Exhibition, which will be held on June 23-28, 2022 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C.

We Live and Learn: At A Life Pace

Author | Claudia Walthing Andrade

Published date | May 2021

Publisher | Urlink Print & Media

Book retail price | $7.99

Author Bio

Claudia Walthing Andrade arrived in Lemoore, California in the year 1978. She was enrolled in third grade at Island Elementary School after her arrival. It was then she began to have seizures at the young age of 9 and all other signs of epilepsy. She learned to speak English within the school year. She believes that in our life, we need some level of education to gain knowledge. Education was a must in her family. She joined school sports and activities when she could participate to have fun. She graduated from P.W. Engvall Middle School in the year of 1985 and Lemoore Union High School in 1989. A year later, she married Jesus Curiel Palomera and they have a son named Jesus Walthing Curiel Jr. He was born in a special day on Christmas Eve in 1991. On May 25, 2001, she had a temporal brain surgery for epilepsy seven months later after having a brain surgery. She enrolled at her local community college for the spring semester in 2002. She graduated from West Hills College in May 2007 and was seizure-free. She made her parents proud by being the first one in her family to graduate from college.