STChealth is pleased to announce a new company-wide tradition, “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”— the first of which was held on April 28, 2022.

STChealth is pleased to announce a new company-wide tradition, “Bring Your Kids to Work Day”— the first of which was held on April 28, 2022.

The idea stemmed from STChealth CEO Mike Popovich, who also happens to be a grandfather and family man.

“STChealth will host the most important group of folks that have ever been at the 411—our children,” he said when first announcing the event to the company. “Every minute a parent invests in their child contributes tenfold to their futures. Those kids cannot wait to come to work and see what their moms and dads do. They are the future that will make the world a better place.”

Popovich added, “What they learn from you about what you do will help launch the future ideas they have. Maybe they will see how important what you do is, how it really matters and has an impact on people’s lives. Our hope is to give you more time with them as an investment in their futures.”

This announcement was met with an unanimously warm reception, even from those without children, as they were welcomed to participate in all the fun.

“My kiddo, Noah, is very excited!” said Teresa Salama, Senior Public Health Consultant. “I fondly remember the days I got to go to work with my own dad.”

Among the roster of events planned for the day were donuts for breakfast followed by “Cocoa & Culture with the CEO,” a pizza party for lunch, a camel scavenger hunt (STChealth’s spirit animal), and a special Lego activity to demonstrate the Agile process planned by Kristina Crane, STChealth’s Chief Strategy Officer.

For those unfamiliar, “Cocoa & Culture with the CEO” is a kid-friendly version of STChealth’s regular “Coffee Talks with the CEO”—a chance for employees (and now, their kids) to chat with the CEO about important company and industry updates and learn valuable life lessons, sprinkled on top with Popovich’s signature style of humor.

“When you’re a child, your heroes go to work every day so you can go to school, grow and get a get start in life,” said Popovich. “What could be better than having those we work so hard for joining us for a day?  At STChealth, we celebrate family and these special guests who are the real heroes to all of us.”

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