To correct this situation, we need services that offer a sustainable environment through innovative, technologically driven solutions and facilitate resident’s interaction with its administration, where information is available in real-time.

With the speed at which we as a nation are evolving and the way we live our lives, smart living is definitely the need of the hour.

Therefore, EVOO is extremely excited to announce the strategic investment by Wave city to enhance the quality of life,ensure well-being, reduce costs and judiciously utilize resources.

Keeping in tune with the resident’s demand, We are dedicated to providing an automated, safe, sustainable, and environment-friendly atmosphere through our services.

EVOO is mandated to run electric rickshaws to assist Wave City residents. In Wave City, EVOO will operate 100 vehicles over the course of 12-18 months. EVOO will provide approximately 20-25 vehicles for passenger micro-mobility.

Wave City, located next to NH-24, is one of Ghaziabad’s Hi-Tech cities for Smart Living. Wave city was created to accommodate a lifestyle that provides a greater experience than city living. A life surrounded by pure greenery, society’s common compassion, and the luxury of time. Wave city maintains the pinnacle of exquisite living by adhering to international standards and combining new comforts and conveniences. Wave City is a gated community with open spaces and contemporary designs that is master planned and designed by AECOM, a world-renowned town planner and landscape designer.

On the other hand, EVOO is a one-of-a-kind configurable direct-to-consumer sales platform for electric carts. Today’s consumer expects immediate gratification. Whether it’s a product, an offer, or a service, the expectations are simple: quick delivery, consistent quality, and good value. Keeping these principles in mind, we at EVOO seek to develop an ecosystem that strives for consistency in the consumer experience each time he transacts with a business. A brand of Elettrica Mobility Pvt. Ltd., EVOO mainly supports businesses in innovatively, consistently, and responsibly reaching out to their clients.

Our solution offers are based on our commitment to reducing our carbon impact by utilizing best-in-class electric carts.

In its unique branding and marketing plan, EVOO has an exclusive agreement with multiple resident Welfare associations in the National Capital Region. EVOO’s Eco-Friendly electric carts are permitted to be stationed and travel throughout these societies under this unique agreement, providing our partners with exceptional brand visibility and the sales generated for their products.

Additionally, EVOO offers unique branding and advertising solutions wherein a brand can take center stage on its carts and enhance eminence among the target audience.

Lastly, EVOO, along with Wave City, is committed to providing the residents of Wave city with products of the highest quality. We will deliver a wide range of environmentally conscious products and services through advanced technologically driven solutions.