TON’NERU MUSIC is the people’s music platform!  It is for the people, by the people and is launching its debut app 5/18/2022  that will make unreleased music by undiscovered artists from all genres available as a streaming radio service.

TON’NERU MUSIC  is an amazing, innovative, streaming radio app. The app helps undiscovered artists gain a platform to stream their unreleased music while selling their and music.

TON’NERU  MUSIC will feature different genres of music, provide artists with a platform to be heard while engaging its listening audiences with chat room for each artist..

TON’NERU MUSIC app is very simple and easy to navigate through. It enables artists and listeners to quickly react in a community that supports the journey and evolution of each artist. The chat feature is prominently displayed within each artist profile.

The app also gives each artist an opportunity to sell their music with one click of a button.  With an affordable price for artists to submit music and the listener to gain access, the TON’NERU MUSIC monthly subscription model ensures that demand meets supply.

TON’NERU MUSIC is the people’s platform, where all artists are collectively united in that singular vision of victory!

TON’NERU MUSIC Main goal is to take the power away from the Record Label & give the power to the artist, for the main goal of FREEDOM, In their music journey.

Once again, TON’NERU MUSIC app, is the new platform that gives each undiscovered artist a home, a tribe to belong to, and an army to help them go to war to successfully defeat the obstacles in their way to manifest their dreams of having the globe as the listener.

TON’NERU MUSIC was founded in march 2019, by a group of music industry professionals After witnessing the disadvantages that undiscovered artists had to endure while climbing the mountain with limited resources, the group found its purpose to change the industry, and start a service that catered to releasing music for undiscovered artists. The team  saw the void of a recognizable platform and  tribe for the undiscovered to rally behind.

TON’NERU MUSIC creates a streaming radio to help undiscovered artists build an audience with chat capabilities for each listener.

TON’NERU MUSIC app also has a team of members that each have unique views on the  future direction of the platform.

The mission of TON’NERU MUSIC is: The Platform For The People And By The People!

For more information  all social media: tonnerumusic / EMAIL info@tonnerumusic.com

WEBSITE: https://www.tonnerumusic.com

TON’NERU Music is located in Woodland, Hills California 91367