The second annual Women Palante’s Dance-A-Thon fundraiser will once again rock the Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart on Sunday, May 15, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

This time the Dance-A-Thon will add more rhythms to the mix, with expert dance instructors, food stalls, food trucks, a fun photo booth as well as a prize raffle from local sponsors.

The event is planning to raise over $7,000 to support the Women Palante’s programs of care, education and advocacy for Latina women entrepreneurs.

“This year, we are joining forces with local companies and organizations such as Sport&Health, Ignite, Arepazone, Kofemi Grub n’Go, among others, and co-organizing with the Amigas Group of Stone Ridge to raise money for our programs,” Yurani Sandoval, Women Palante’s CEO and Founder, mentioned, “the Dance-A-Thon is a great way to bring people together, have a fantastic time, and fundraise for vulnerable Latina women.”

“The power of the Dance-A-Thon is about creating awareness too,” Sandoval added, “Latina women are underrepresented and they lack the right tools to become entrepreneurs; this fundraiser gives women —especially single moms— a chance to launch their businesses, improve the ones they already have and get their feet off the ground,” Sandoval concluded.

Women Palante’s distinctiveness is to bring a wellness component into their business-related-programs, so women can have more confidence, improve their self-esteem and be able to thrive and succeed.

To register to the Dance-A-Thon go to Women Palante’s Eventbrite page:

For each ticket sold you will earn a ticket for the raffle which has amazing prizes. You’ll also be making a difference on your community.

Visit our website: for more information about our programs.

About Women Palante

Women Palante is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in D.C. We help Latina women across the Americas to become successful entrepreneurs while living a healthy and balanced life. Women and mothers join our community, where they take part in bilingual educational programs and a business incubator where they can start and grow their businesses while centering on their wellness and personal development.

Since 2019, Women Palante gives support and services to vulnerable Latina women, especially single mothers. With the Women Palante programs, women have flourished and some of them have even overcome abuse-related trauma.

Women Palante

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