Immune modulators, such as Enzolytics IPF Immune™, stimulate the body’s defenses to fight infections and other diseases.

“An immune modulator strengthens the immune system to help people fight off infections and diseases,” said Charles S. Cotropia, CEO of Enzolytics, Inc., a Texas biotech company that makes Enzolytics IPF Immune™. “We also found that our product shortens the recovery period after an illness.”

Here is how an immune modulator works: It reinforces the body’s defense mechanisms by increasing antibody production while it fortifies the immune system’s ability to fight infections,

“This may sound too scientific but our IPF Immune™ tags viruses and bacteria to assist T-cells, the body’s immune helper, to stimulate the protection process,” Mr. Cotropia said.

Enzolytics, Inc. is in the process of rolling out its immune modulator in the U.S.

“Our team has met with buyers from some of the most respected retailers in the country,” Mr. Cotropia said. “We want consumers to know about our IPF Immune™, which is why we are looking to add retail outlets in 2022.”

Immune health supplements became more popular during the past two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID-19 pushed everyone to focus on their health. People turned to immune health supplements to give their bodies’ defense system a boost,” said Harry Zhabilov, the Company’s Chief Science Officer. “We started developing our immune modulator years before the health crisis, but we know consumers want to improve their immune systems, which is what PF Immune™ accomplishes.”

Mr. Zhabilov said there are a wide variety of issues that can weaken the immune system.

“Chronic health problems, such as obesity and poor nutrition, can weaken the immune system,” Mr. Zhabilov said.

WebMD reports that the following issues can suppress the immune system: Lack of sleep, anxiety, vitamin D deficiency, certain medications, too few fruits and veggies, marijuana, a high-fat diet, too little time outdoors, smoking, alcohol, grief, and lack of exercise.

“We have an obesity pandemic in the U.S., including the younger generation,” Mr. Zhabilov said. “The pandemic also has kept many people indoors the past two years. The sunlight energizes T-cells which are vital to fighting infections. The sun also helps the body to produce vitamin D.”

Mr. Cotropia added the U.S. is experiencing a lack of exercise epidemic.

“Physical activity improves the immune system. Lack of exercise increased during the pandemic because gyms closed and people stayed indoors,” he said.

“There are a lot of factors that can weaken your defense system,” Mr. Cotropia said. “Enzolytics IPF Immune™ can help strengthen your immune system.”

Enzolytics IPF Immune™, a nutritional supplement, is taken orally two consecutive days per week for eight consecutive weeks.

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Enzolytics Inc. is a Texas-based biotechnology company that focuses on therapeutics to treat numerous human health medical conditions. In addition to Enzolytics IPF Immune™, which will be on the U.S. market soon, the Company is developing other therapeutics for treating multiple infectious diseases, including monoclonal antibodies for treating COVID-19 and HIV, and anti-cancer therapeutics.