To help more people worldwide find their soulmate and lasting love, DNA Romance has announced its website is now available in Spanish and Portuguese

The DNA Romance matchmaking platform is now available in both Spanish and Portuguese. DNA Romance forecast “Romantic Chemistry” between users by analyzing DNA markers that have been shown to play a role in human attraction. DNA Romance also forecasts “personality compatibility” using psychology. Individuals are empowered to evaluate physical attraction based on their matches photographs and biographical details. The addition of scientific measurements to help screen online matches is especially important in these pandemic times where is hard to use your natural senses to evaluate people in person. DNA Romance compares its users’ DNA profiles and provide predictions of relationship compatibility. This innovative approach brings a much-needed advancement to the world of online relationships, allowing singles to search for love beyond pictures and words, to also include biological factors that play a role in human attraction.

DNA Romance’s CEO, Dr. Timothy Sexton, said that “our mission is to enrich people’s lives by helping them make genuine connections which surpass borders and countries; therefore, we are broadening our reach by offering DNA Romance in Spanish and Portuguese.” We aim to help more people worldwide find their soulmate and lasting love.

For more information on DNA Romance, visit the media kit available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

About DNA Romance

DNA Romance uses real science (genomics, algorithms, and psychology) for matchmaking. The company launched their DNA dating site in September 2017. DNA Romance is used by people worldwide but, the majority of users are located in large cities including; Los Angeles, New York City, London, Sydney, Tokyo, São Paulo and Mexico City.